Section 2: Professional Development


Please upload or summarise the crew test you did with Rupert

Director – oversees the creative aspects of a film

Producer – creates conditions for film-making

Location manager – oversees the location department and its staff

Casting director – helps in choosing the actors for the characters in the film

Production manager – controls the budget of the film and how the money is spent

Assistant director – controls the set and the health and safety of everyone in the crew

Director of photography (DOP) – Chief of camera and lighting crew of the film

Camera operator – physically operates the camera for the film

Focus puller – keeps the shots in the film in focus

Clapper loader – logs the shots with the clapper

Sound mixer – controls the level of sounds picked up by the boom

Boom operator – physically operates the device that captures the sound of a film

Editor – assembles the shots into a coherent film

Script supervisor – controls the continuity through the scenes


 Describe the structure and interrelationships of the production department. You can use a diagram or similar if you wish 


Role Allocations Spaghetti

Role Allocations The End



Describe at least 2 potentional progression routes into the film industry (e.g. university, apprenticeships, entry level work, film festivals etc)



What do you plan to do when the academy is finished?



Briefly describe the job of one of your tutors, and what they have done in their career





What is the wider creative media sector? (think about music, costume, advertising, animation, theatre, games etc)



Explain how film production connects to the wider creative media sector

***you might find the following link helpful for completing this section: 


2 thoughts on “Section 2: Professional Development”

  1. Please remember to complete 2.1 & 2.2 by the end of today! I’ve sent an email round to help you out with this, but your experience on set and course booklet will be helpful as well.


  2. Great work on the key job roles in the film industry, thank you for adding them! You’ve successfully completed 2.1

    For 2.2 please briefly outline the different production departments and how they work together, as well as the general structure of a film production team, in addition to the diagram


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